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Our job is to provide a seamless white-label service to our resellers and ensure that their customers are waxing lyrical about them. Our services are categorised across five areas and those services can interlink or be provided in isolation, they can be added to and expanded upon at any time as we have the scope, resources and expertise to flex with the demands of your business. Every service area is delivered in-house (which we guarantee) and each of them has its own process and quality assurance which further guarantees quality and compliance.

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Hardware Support

We know that every moment of downtime or redundancy can be costly and critical and we want you to know that we’re absolutely on it when it comes to hardware support. You’ll have a 24-hour manned service where you’ll get directly through to the engineer who can solve your issue. The helpdesk has a wide range of expertise and knowledge between them so you’ll get the answer you need quickly and whatever the solution is, they’ll deploy the resources immediately. We have engineers who are ready to be despatched and a full inventory of parts located across 21 FSLs that are strategically positioned to major roads and networks. We despatch engineers and / or tested and approved parts within 30 minutes during normal working hours and within 60 minutes at other times, which means your customers are going to be operational faster and for longer.

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Inventory Management

You have your own servicing engineers and IT servicing contracts but you have no warehouse or inventory storage and support. This is simply not an issue with our inventory support service. We keep a detailed inventory of all core and key hardware. The stock is comprehensive and it’s accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be despatched within an hour of specification. Our inventory is stocked in bonded warehouses throughout the country which provides you with rapid response times and immediate solutions for your customers. Depreciation of stock is a key factor for many resellers too and by utilising Cameo’s Inventory Management Service you’re removing depreciation as a factor within your business as well as the removal of hassle and admin. Every part is delivered carefully and in appropriate packaging – guaranteeing the safe arrival of any fragile parts.

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Secure Data Disposal

We don’t need to warn you about the pitfalls of haphazard data disposal – GDPR and any number of ensuing lawsuits is doing a good enough job of that. We’re here to let you know that our approach to the processing and transportation of hardware and subsequent data disposal is entirely foolproof, with extreme and robust processes to ensure compliance. All of our processing is carried out within bonded premises, our vehicles are secure and our engineers are fully checked and endorsed. We use the most sophisticated and trusted data wiping software and methods at all times. (Software includes White Canyon and Blanco). Because of the stringent approach we take, we are able to repurpose more hardware and ensure an end-to-end lifecycle that positively impacts our customers, the environment and the bottom line.

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UPS Services

Your customers cannot afford to be without power and they cannot afford the potential loss of business and data as a result of power outage. Many customers neglect UPS as a power failure can be infrequent – but in order to provide a comprehensive support solution and ensure compliance with SLAs it is critical that a properly specified UPS support package has been considered. Including Cameo for UPS support means you make one phone call and the rest is taken care of. Our engineers and parts are at your disposal 24/7 and they’re here for installation, maintenance and disposal.

Hardware Supply

We’re not here to write words for Google or to keep you from doing what you do – so here it is; we have 21 FSLs throughout the UK and within those locations we hold a comprehensive inventory that is regularly tested, carefully stored within bonded premises and is ready to be despatched in under 60 minutes using secure and protective packaging. We recycle, we resell and we’re ready.

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Asset Repairs

We understand the added pressures that the current climate brings. At the forefront for most businesses in this time of crisis is cash management, particularly cutting additional costs where possible. Our ‘Asset Repair’ service is a sustainable and cost effective process that eliminates the need for spending on new devices, with the potential to bring damaged assets back to life. By repairing responsibly and securely, the need for brand new items is mitigated, lessening the amount of CO2 produced by IT manufacturers. So remember we’re here 24/7 to collect, protect, repair and return.

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